In 2000, Brenda joined the Santa Clarita Valley chapter of Junior Chamber International (the Jaycees), a group of young leaders involved in community service. Soon she and a new friend, Kieran Wong, began to inspire others to her cause.

In conjunction with the Partners In Care Foundation, Brenda and Kieran launched the Fund in February 2001. They quickly built partnerships with local businesses and other organizations engaged in the battle.

In early 2003, the Fund incorporated as a California nonprofit; later that year, it became a Federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Since its inception, Since Brenda founded it in 2001, the Fund has provided $280,888 in services for 427 young adults across 30 different states. It has committed to give another $25,000 in 2013.

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What does the Fund provide?

The BMCF supports patients 18-40 currently undergoing cancer treatment with services to meet daily needs. It provides home health care services, co-payments required by many health plans for medical care, temporary housing, and other expenses for those temporarily unable to pay bills like rent, insurance, and food.

Typical requests cover $500 worth of health insurance co-payments, transportation, rent, mortgage payments, car insurance, entertainment, and groceries.

How does the Fund accomplish its mission?

The BMCF distributes applications to a network of community organizations, social workers and hospitals, encouraging them to identify potential recipients and apply. The selection committee reviews applications on a weekly basis to determine need. The program manager acts upon the committee’s recommendations and issues checks directly to service providers, ensuring that the patients’ requests are fulfilled. In follow-up, the program manager surveys recipients to confirm that services were rendered and measure the program’s impact.