Tips For Building Muscle:

The following 4 tips should help you to think about the principles of building muscle and to develop a solid basis for your training plan. This will not only help you effectively start your program, but also complete it. It is important to note that if you are over 40 years old, you may have short-term or long-term injuries or physical disabilities, you must consult your doctor before starting an intensive exercise program.

# 1 – Be realistic, but positive
Before you start, write down your goals. Realistically, it will take at least 3 months before you begin to see differences, both in your body shape and in your strength, so consider it a longer-term plan. It might be helpful to write down where you want to be in terms of size and size in 3, 6, 12 and 18 months.

# 2 – Consider engaging a private trainer
If you are a complete beginner in the gym world, it is advisable to hire a private trainer for at least the first month. It will help you to feel less intimidated and get a good head start. A good trainer will give you the necessary help with the machines, a solid basic program to stick to, and give you all the advice you need for your diet, supplements, and the best individual training techniques. You may not even have to spend extra money – some gyms offer a personal trainer for a certain number of hours for free after you join. Explore your local gyms and see if you can benefit from the introductory offers.

# 3 – Choose a gym near your home or work
Your new exercise program will not take a long time if you get stuck in commuting every time you want to exercise. It would be best to train in the morning or later in the evening. So choose a gym that suits your needs – near your home or work.

#4 – Try to get rid of bad habits
You want to get the best possible results, but the hard work does not stop when you get home from the gym. First, stop smoking and excessive drinking. These are two major factors that inhibit your exercise performance. Fast food and sugary drinks must also be kept to a minimum – they are definitely not something your body needs during exercise.

Here is our TOP RECOMMENDED Workout Plan:

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